Assess your support system – work, friends, and family

Everyone experiences the strain of mental exhaustion throughout the year. Some are more prone to the lasting effects of mental strain that lead to such issues as depression. What can you do to protect yourself against the downward spiral of mental health problems?

Well it’s without surprise that most people with a suitable network of friends, family, and community, can deal with stress, and the aspects associated with it like mental strain, better. Do you have friends you can debrief with when things get tough? It happens to all of us, nobody is immune to stress, but how you deal with it matters. Having a friend who knows your situation at work or in life can do wonders to help you recover from the taxing moments in life.

People come into your life for a reason, and some of those relationships are meant to help you cope with what we call ‘life’. That doesn’t mean relationships are a one way street, it’s not just take take take. But it’s important to have ‘sounding boards’ of friends who can help you exhale.

Sometimes we find ourselves disconnected from the world and without someone to talk to. Family, work friends, friends, or even other communities like clubs or churches, are all good avenues to start a relationship. It’s far better to take a leap into the unknown (especially if you’re an introvert) to find important people in your life. They may mean the difference between years of feeling sick versus a bad day or two.

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