Get Some Sunlight on Your Skin

Did you know that SMALL amounts of unprotected sun exposure could actually be good for you.

Most humans tend to get most of their vitamin D from the sun, so people who avoid the sun completely or who always wear sunscreen to protect themselves against skin cancers are at risk for vitamin D deficiencies.

According to the MAYO Clinic, the sun is  a significant contributor to our daily production of vitamin D, and as little as 10 minutes of exposure is thought to be enough to prevent deficiencies.

Some recent studies link vitamin D deficiency with a host of cancers including those of the prostate, colon, and breast; now comes word that it may also be a major cause of unexplained muscle and bone pain.

Vitamin D may also help protect against heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and even type 1 diabetes.

Next time you see your doctor, just ask.

A simple blood test will tell.

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